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A method to replace Domino requires many moving parts

JP Liggett  April 8 2017 09:21:19 AM
Declan Lynch's blog has an example of what it takes to replace Domino.  

He said "There is no one product that can do everything that Domino can do"

Backend Code  Java with the Spring Boot framework with an aim towards writing microservice style applications.
Frontend  Thymeleaf Java Templating Engine running inside a Spring Boot based jar file.
Authentication and Authorization  Microsoft Azure AD as the directory store fronted by Auth0 as the Authorization manager integrated with Spring Security on both the backend and frontend.
Source Control  Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services GIT repositories
Issue Tracking / Agile Workflow Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services
Data Storage Microsoft Azure SQL Server for relational data. &  Microsoft Azure Document DB for noSQL data
Deployment Microsoft Azure based Virtual Machines running Docker with Rancher as the orchestration and management layer.
Build and Release Management Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

Declan's research came up with this list, and it seems robust, using the latest frameworks.  I think there's encryption somewhere in there, at least SSL on the connection Layer.

He discusses the 'microservices' methods that appear to be getting popular, where portions of websites can access multiple data content providers with REST api services.

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