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JP Liggett  November 9 2017 11:46:18 AM
These are some of the technologies I'd like to see in the next version of Domino Server and the Notes Client and designer

For Web Hosting

Bootstrap-like responsive sites with HTML5

Designer Client

Something like Stylizer for CSS design

Notes Client
  • Multiple inbound IMAP connections with a wizard
  • IMAP folder filters on sync - example some folders sync to certain IMAP accounts, not all folders sync to all IMAP accounts
  • Multiple outbound SMTP personalities that can be selected at mail-time - example picking a location doc for that outbound message at send time.
  • Integration of an open source word processor spreadsheet - LibreOffice or similar.   Its extra convenient to have this in the client, I still use 8.5.3 that has symphony built in.
  • Social media integration widgets like wildfire - access and post to all social media from the client
  • Longer Private Key encryption lengths
  • coexistence with windows OS certificate store - sync or import/export
  • better internal web browser/renderer - some small JS that uses the users choice of browser for rendering.
  • Include the eProductivity mail template
  • Nifty-fifty apps - release them as notes/xpages/responsive apps.
  • Watson Integration out of the box, a front-end, a dashboard and some working apps like a Watson enhanced calendar that scans for events that suits the users professional or personal life development and make suggestions
  • Watson Learning guide
  • Watson industry specific tools for Medical, financial and legal
  • Watson for marketing - help small business get the word out on multiple social media and report the results and make suggestions and execute on command.