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    Domino V11 is shipping now

    JP Liggett  April 21 2020 06:11:27 PM

      Social Media

      JP Liggett  March 22 2020 01:52:02 PM
      End of the cabal parts 1-10 coming soon

        Latest news on Domino V11 - super cool

        JP Liggett  October 7 2019 04:09:19 PM

          The most comfortable trackball - the famous MicroSpeed

          JP Liggett  October 1 2019 10:35:46 AM
          These trackballs are super comfortable with a wide palm rest.  PI Engineering from Michigan is the source  


          Image:The most comfortable trackball - the famous MicroSpeed

            Notes and Domino Version 10 released

            JP Liggett  November 6 2018 03:12:27 PM
            The latest version of the Notes Client and Domino Server have been released by IBM.  The updates were developed by IBM and HCL and include new interfaces for late model development frameworks.

            Check out the website


              Next Version of Notes and Domino was demoed today

              JP Liggett  February 28 2018 03:33:48 PM
              The steps being taken for the Notes and Domino stack are impressive.   With the addition of Node.Js and its associated universe of tooling along with other additions, makes me very confident that the Notes and Domino platform will be around for at least another 5 years, probably longer.  That means your investment in application development will be well spent and almost future proof.

              Next version of Notes Ideas

              JP Liggett  November 9 2017 11:46:18 AM
              These are some of the technologies I'd like to see in the next version of Domino Server and the Notes Client and designer

              For Web Hosting

              Bootstrap-like responsive sites with HTML5

              Designer Client

              Something like Stylizer for CSS design

              Notes Client
              • Multiple inbound IMAP connections with a wizard
              • IMAP folder filters on sync - example some folders sync to certain IMAP accounts, not all folders sync to all IMAP accounts
              • Multiple outbound SMTP personalities that can be selected at mail-time - example picking a location doc for that outbound message at send time.
              • Integration of an open source word processor spreadsheet - LibreOffice or similar.   Its extra convenient to have this in the client, I still use 8.5.3 that has symphony built in.
              • Social media integration widgets like wildfire - access and post to all social media from the client
              • Longer Private Key encryption lengths
              • coexistence with windows OS certificate store - sync or import/export
              • better internal web browser/renderer - some small JS that uses the users choice of browser for rendering.
              • Include the eProductivity mail template
              • Nifty-fifty apps - release them as notes/xpages/responsive apps.
              • Watson Integration out of the box, a front-end, a dashboard and some working apps like a Watson enhanced calendar that scans for events that suits the users professional or personal life development and make suggestions
              • Watson Learning guide
              • Watson industry specific tools for Medical, financial and legal
              • Watson for marketing - help small business get the word out on multiple social media and report the results and make suggestions and execute on command.

                Automatic Cars will lead to a baby boom - My hypothesis

                JP Liggett  November 8 2017 11:25:00 PM
                I'm predicting that automatic cars will lead to a baby boom, via car pooling and dark tinted windows.  But it will have to be quick because automatic cars will be too damn efficient.

                  IBM Announces roadmap for next Version 10 of Notes/Domino family

                  JP Liggett  November 1 2017 12:01:32 PM
                  IBM announced a new deal for the Notes/Domino family to be updated in collaboration with HCL Technologies.  IBM will still sell and support the product line.  Contributions to the future directions of the platform can be made via #Domino2025


                  Domino is the workhorse. There is no equal to Domino

                  JP Liggett  June 28 2017 09:49:08 PM

                  One Domino server handling mail for 500 users and serving up 8 million webpages (bootstrap responsive) over 60 websites.    Think of the real money savings by using Domino for your business server