Notes databases can serve many different requirements..

More than mail and calendaring, (outlook and exchange) the Domino/Notes offering brings significant value to any business seeking to improve efficiency. Many Fortune 500 corporations have seen productivity improve by 400% when using Domino and Notes. Domino delivers mail, calendar and database services to notes clients, mobile phones and web browsers. Combined with add-on features such as Sametime instant messaging, QuickR web sites for collaboration or Notes based Document Manager for document management, Domino delivers more value than any competitive offering. Domino runs on Windows, Linux, AS/400 and Large IBM mainframes, so it can grow with your business. Out of the box domino services include HTTP Web Server w/SSL, LDAP server, and POP/IMAP server.
Application support request tracking General discussions Public Relations Tracking
Applications that are updated frequently Group Information ManagerGroup Scheduling Publishing Information onto the WWW
Applications that need to be deployed on a variety of hardware or operating system clients or servers Help Desk Purchase order systems
Applications that need to store and mix rich text, graphics, sound, video, other OLE objects Hotel Lists Rapid delivery of applications and interative prototypes
Applications where access security is important Human Resources/Employee Tracking RealTime desktop-desktop collaboration using Sametime Instant messaging
Audits Insurance Claim Processing Resume and Applicant tracking
Bulletin boards* Inter-organization Applications and Mail Exchange Rolodex
Business placement in brokerage firms Internet Mail Gateway Sales and Lead TrackingSales and Marketing databases
Business Redesign Discussions Investment Applications Sales brochure ordering (Minnesota Mutual uses this to let agents order marketing materials)
Call Reporting IP address tracking (easier to manage IP addreses than using Domain Naming Services)  Securities Agent Licensing
Change Management IS tip sharing Sick leave tracking
Combining information from various sources to aid in Job requisition submission and tracking Simple-Moderate Workflow applications
investment Knowledgebases Skills matching and succession management
Decision making Legal Case Tracking Software documentation
Communication and work across timezones Library catalog Software Inventory
Company-wide announcements* Library Periodical Tracking Speech tracking (The Met keeps all of the executive's speeches in Notes)
Compensation and Benefits management Loan Approval Standards*
Controlled Interchange with Internet Usenet Newsgroups Medical Record Imaging Status Reports
Corporate Phone Directory Medical/Patient Case Management Stock purchase request tracking
Correspondence Management Meeting Minutes Supply order tracking
Customer Support New account/customer setup and tracking Surveys coupled with an internal discussion area
Data Warehousing (mid-size organizations) News warehouses Technology discussions
Directories* Outside counsel (including direct exchange via Notes with those providers)  Time Sheet Reporting
Disaster planning and recovery Performance Management To-Do lists 
Distributing any unstructured information that can't be defined easily ahead of time Personal Information ManagerPlanning Discussions Tracking sales activity
Documentation/reference checkout tracking Police Tracking of Criminals Tracking staff availability
Electronic Forms and Forms routing Presentation databases Training management and registration
Electronic job postings Problem/Incident TrackingProcedures* Travel Itineraries
Electronic Mail within an Organization Product and service catalogs Underwriter evaluation for assessing the quality of risks
Employee reference guides* Product Development  Underwriting
Empowering the mobile worker Project Management Underwriting guidelines
Executive Information Systems   Underwriting inspection report requests, delivered directly to the service via Notes 
Expense ReportingExternal provider information   Vacation tracking
Fax: Outbound/Inbound/Fax Back    
Flexible Benefits Enrollment (also done using Phone