If you require immediate support, download the NotesSupport.exe file and run it. I'll be able to support your PC remotely, you can choose all of the permissions.

Netop is the most secure and robust remote control software. Right-Click on the NotesSupport.exe to the right -->> Click download, then run it.



The OnDemand Host is downloaded to the end-user computer, and the Netop OnDemand - Not connected dialog box is displayed.

The icons indicate the actions the support person can do. The end-user can click the icons to disallow these actions, except chat.


Clicking the mask icon will open the Mask Windows dialog box and allow the end-user to mask off programs and windows that he or she does not want the supporter to see by selecting the applications and windows and clicking the + button (plus) at the bottom of the window.


The end-user can select the New window warning check box to see a warning if he or she opens a new window during the support session. The warning will give the end-user the opportunity to also mask off that window, if necessary.


After masking off applications and windows the end-user clicks Connect in the Netop OnDemand - Not connected dialog box to establish a connection.

The Netop OnDemand - WebConnect dialog box is displayed.  Type Support and click OK

The end-user clicks OK to allow the supporter to access his or her computer. 


5. A remote control session is started from the help desk computer to solve the problem onthe OnDemand Host computer. The OnDemand Host user will now be able to see the supporter accessing his or her computer and monitor the supporter's actions.